The Rim Fire

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During the second year of a serious drought, the end of August and early September 2013 brought a major forest fire, the Rim Fire, to our area. It burned 250,000 acres, through our beautiful National Forest, including the vicinity of Sunset Inn, and into Yosemite. We are so fortunate that our property was spared, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of some very heroic firefighters! The surrounding forest as well as a portion of Yosemite were hard hit in many areas, thankfully our spot remains a rather miraculous oasis.

The fire will have long lasting effects on the region, essentially changed for many years to come. The good news is restoration and reforestation efforts are already under way throughout the area! Here at Sunset Inn, we are raising seedlings and have begun to replant areas adjacent to our property. Much help is needed, and we plan to offer our guests the opportunity to get involved and 'plant a tree'.

The tremendous outpouring of love and support we've received from our dear friends and wonderful guests the world over, has been truly heartwarming! Thank you so much!!!